All About Hair

Hey Babes!

More often than not ,I get questions about the different textures of hair I carry ,or what type you should choose.

Here’s a little snippet of  All About Hair to help you decide.

Virgin hair (hair that has never been processed) is the most popular grade of weave hair because this hair can be used for multiple installs and it can also be color treated.

Black women have many different textures of hair; luckily there’s a variety of different textures and types of weave that can suit just about any texture. The most sought after types of weave are Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian hair.

Brazilian : The most sought after hair due to it’s full ,thick and fabulous texture. Brazilian hair is most common among African American culture.

Peruvian  :  Sought out  quite a bit because of its multi-purpose texture. This hair blends perfectly with African American, relaxed and natural as well as medium, coarse caucasian hair textures. Peruvian hair is lightweight, free flowing and luxurious.

Indian : Indian hair has the thickest texture. It suits most natural women since Indian hair is very textured and comes with a very natural luster.

Malaysian : Malaysian hair is very soft. It blends best with relaxed textures and girls with very fine, silky hair. It’s extremely manageable and has luster of its own